Home Construction of Porto São Luís will generate 4 direct jobs: Send your resumes

Construction of Porto São Luís will generate 4 direct jobs: Send your resumes

19 March 2018 to 17: 58
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Construction of Porto São Luís will generate 4 thousand direct

Chinese businessmen officially bought 51% of the construction of the Port in Maranhão and the work should last 4 years with the promise of a lot of work ahead

Clearly, the new economic sensation that many cities in different states want to adopt to increase inflow and employability, is the construction of ports, which is the relatively faster way, in line with private initiative and import and export agreements with other countries. The Chinese in particular have interests in several of our production chains, whether in the oil, export or construction sector, the truth is that they are gradually occupying a good slice of our market.

Last Friday (16), a delegation of Chinese and Brazilian businessmen launched a partnership for the construction/expansion of Porto São Luís and according to the terms, the works will be completed in 4 years and will generate 4 thousand direct jobs. The initial capacity will be around 15 million tons annually. Really a “China business” that will move the economy of both countries and exports in exchange for consumer goods.

The port will have an initial handling capacity of 7 million tons of grain, 3 million tons of fertilizers, 2,7 million tons of liquid fuel and 2,3 million tons of general cargo. China Communications Construction Company (CCCC) will be the majority owner of the port with 51%, Lyon Capital with 20% and WPR 24%. The remaining 6% will belong to minority shareholders. Specialists allege that geographically, the port will be at an advantage over other ports geographically as it is closer to Europe, the USA and Panama. The intention is for São Luis to be the entry and exit door for world production.

Would you like to work on these works? Find out how to send your resumes below

[sociallocker id=1255]Access the website to send your resumes, you will be directed to the website of Wtorre, one of the partners of CCCC and highly specialized in constructions in Brazil. Good luck and let us know if you get contacted.[/sociallocker]

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