Home Offshore companies in Macaé are now authorized to settle in Barreto by the Mayor

Offshore companies in Macaé are now authorized to settle in Barreto by the Mayor

18 May 2017 to 14: 41
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Offshore companies in Macaé are now authorized to settle in Barreto by the Mayor

Update on 19/05/2017 at 18:00

The mayor went back on the deliberation of the constitutional devices that approve the zoning and urban planning laws in Macaé for the installation of companies in the Porto do Barreto region. This should be requested by the government to convene a public hearing before the enactment of the project. The mayor has extended the deadline for another 15 days from today (19) for enactment. 

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The Mayor of Macaé sanctioned yesterday (17) a law that allows offshore companies to settle permanently in the port area.

The world offshore in Macaé just received great news today. The President of the City Council, Eduardo Cardoso of the Popular Socialist Party (PPS), managed to change the guidelines of the city's Urbanism system, expanding industrial sectors 3 and 4, enabling the implementation of the infrastructure of the offshore companies around Tempor(Port Terminal of Macaé). At the opening of this speech, he said that he did not want to obstruct the evolution and economy of the city.

With this attitude, Cardoso extinguished, as of today, any disagreement that has been going on since December 2016, when the current mayor of Macaé, Dr. Aluízio signed the project and the plenary approved it in its entirety.
Even though he was very reserved in the deliberation of this law, Eduardo Cardoso, according to his discernment, said that it is very important that this project get off the ground soon and whatever is his responsibility, he will do it in accordance with the law.

Councilors who support the movement” Macaé Porto Ja” were surprised by this announcement right at the beginning of yesterday's session. With tempers raised that later became milder in the session, councilors supporting the project declared that they will maintain the charges surrounding the undertaking. You can follow this enactment in the Official Gazette.
Maxwell Vaz, councilor who is in the political leadership of the “Macaé Porto Já” initiative, says that the implementation of Tempor is the guarantee of economic health and jobs in the city in the long term.

the future of the city

It is important now that the city's politicians put their party ideologies aside and focus on the city's development. In the end, the population wants to see companies returning to the city, jobs and development, political obstacles in this matter will only serve to weaken not just one class, but all that pose difficulties for the implementation of the port.


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