Home Former Petrobras president denounces Lula in bribery scheme at shipyards

Former Petrobras president denounces Lula in bribery scheme at shipyards

6 from 2018 to 10 at 17: XNUMX
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In a statement to Judge Sergio Moro, Renato Duque says that Lula, Dirceu and PT received bribes at Sete Brasil shipyards in exchange for favoring contracts

Renato Duque, former director of Petrobras, reiterated to Judge Sergio Moro last Friday (4), that former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, former Minister José Dirceu and PT (Workers' Party) shared 2/3 in accumulated fees of pre-salt oil exploration and construction units, to which Sete Brasil held these contracts. Duque said that the former Treasurer, João Vaccari Neto of the PT was the one who passed the adjustments.

According to the former director, who had been remaining in the role by indication of the PT, as well as Dirceu, the percentage of the bribe was in the “CASA”, a term used to indicate that the illicit money was for high-ranking employees from Petrobras and Sete Brasil, the other batch of bribes would go to Lula, Dirceu and the PT, according to Duque. This entire amount was administered by the companies Odebrecht, OAS and UTC through their shipyards.

With no way out and as the only possibility to amortize his sentence of over 40 years in prison granted by Operation Lava Jato, Renato Duque now collaborates with Justice and begins to reveal the whole scheme. He told moro that all the shipyards that paid and were in agreement.

Duque also reinforces that the former Minister of the Civil House and Finance, Antonio Palocci, had the responsibility of indicating and allocating the distributed money. Offshore unit contracts signed after 2011 amounted to 20 billion dollars with 1% bribes.

Note: It is worth noting that the article is for information, not opinion. Your political or partisan preferences are not relevant to this channel, our goal is to bring content from the energy, oil and gas industry in Brazil, whether it is something you agree with or not. 

Former Director of Services at Petrobras Renato Duque (Márcia Foletto/Agência o Globo)

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