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Goodbye Honda HR-V and Nissan Kicks, Volkswagen launches new SUV that worries competitors in China: The new compact SUV features a 1.5 HP 150 TSI engine and promises to sell like crazy!

Written by Roberta Souza
Published 14/06/2024 às 15:06
“volkswagen”, “china”, “SUV” “Tharu XR”
Volkswagen Tharu XR – photo/reproduction: volkswagen

The restyled version of the local T-Cross gets a new name and 1.5 TSI engine, with sales expected for this year!

O Volkswagen T-Cross, which has been successful in China since its launch in 2019, it has just received a significant update for the 2025 line. With a deep facelift and a new name, the model is now called Tharu XR. The move aims to strengthen the connection with the Tharu, the Chinese equivalent of the Taos, also produced by the SAIC-Volkswagen joint venture, according to motor1.

Significant visual changes

The images released by Ministry of Industry of China show that the Tharu XR received a more robust facelift compared to the recent update of the T-Cross in Brazil. The front was completely remodeled, with new headlights, grille, bumper and hood, inspired by recent launches such as the Tiguan L Pro. The rear has also been redesigned, with narrower, more interconnected taillights, redesigned interior lighting and a new lighting signature. The bumper and trunk lid have also been modified, while the sides maintain the wheel design of the previous model. Now, the length of Tharu XR is 4.351mm, an increase of 133mm over its predecessor, while the wheelbase remains the same at 2.651mm.

“volkswagen”, “china”, “SUV” “Tharu XR”
Volkswagen Tharu XR – photo/reproduction: volkswagen

Renewed performance

Under the hood, the Tharu XR continues to offer the 1.5 gasoline engine, available in versions aspirated e TSI turbo, with powers of 110 cv e 150 cv, respectively. In the turbo version, the car delivers a torque of 28,8 kgfm. The exchange rate, in turn, is always automatic. 6 marches, providing a smooth and efficient drive. With these specifications, the Tharu XR is ready to offer a pleasant and dynamic driving experience.

Marketing and naming strategy

The name change to Tharu XR is part of a marketing strategy to align the model with the Tharu, the “big brother” in the line Volkswagen SUVs in China. This strategy aims to capitalize on the success of Thar, reinforcing the brand identity and creating a stronger connection between the models. “Nothing like having a name that already resonates well with the public, right?” jokes a Volkswagen representative.

“volkswagen”, “china”, “SUV” “Tharu XR”
Volkswagen Tharu XR – photo/reproduction: volkswagen

Volkswagen expectations and availability

The expectation is that the Tharu XR start to be sold later this year in China, offering local consumers a Compact SUV renovated and with a more attractive proposal. With increasing competition in the SUV market in China, Volkswagen bets on the Tharu XR as a competitive and well-positioned option to meet Chinese consumers' demands for modern and efficient vehicles.

Therefore, the Volkswagen Tharu XR arrives on the Chinese market with a series of significant updates, both in design and in performance, promising to gain a prominent place among the compact SUVs. Stay tuned, as this new launch from Volkswagen promises to shake up the Chinese automobile market later this year.

This version of Tharu XR represents another step by Volkswagen to consolidate its presence in the Chinese SUV market. The launch not only renews the model with a more modern design, but also reinforces the brand's strategy of offering vehicles that meet consumer expectations.

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