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Offshore Company Email List 2017 – Last Updated

4 October 2017 to 10: 42
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Last verified list, send your e-mails to the companies listed here. Check if the companies have your area of ​​expertise first

Below is a list of emails from verified offshore and onshore companies. Many of the contacts have a personal prefix, it could be that HR's have deactivated and some or many of them come back. Before ordering, take a look on the internet at what type of service the company specializes in so that you fit into its area.

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Seadrill opened overwhelming offshore selection process. Selection processes are official and direct in the company for various offshore positions in many functions. Send your resumes by clicking here and pay attention. Vacancies are for Storekeeper, Crane Assistant, Crane Operator, Driller Assistant, Derrick Assistant, Driller, Area Men, Cabotage Master, Platformists, Deck Supervisor, Occupational Safety Technicians, Hydraulic Technician, Cabotage Master, Sailor Machinery Officer, Machinery Officer, Rig Chief, Subsea Supervisor, Toolpusher, Welders and Electricians. Remembering that all these vacancies also cover people with disabilities. The working regime is offshore even on a 14×14 scale.




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