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Discover the HPM-400, the 40 kg electric motor with an incredible 550 hp – the highest power density in the world

Written by Valdemar Medeiros
Published 24/02/2024 às 20:48
HPM-400, the 40 kg electric motor
Photo: Disclosure

Company develops new 40 kg electric motor and surprises the automotive sector. New HPM-400 engine delivers more than 500 horsepower and could hit the market soon.

Although electric motors still face some resistance in the market, their ability to provide high power in a light and compact format is undeniable. This characteristic significantly distinguishes them from combustion engines internal, which generally require greater capacity and more cylinders, or the use of a turbo or supercharger, to achieve more power. In this context, the HPM-400 engine appears, a new electric motor weighing just 40 kg, but with exceptionally high power, marking a potential breakthrough in the industry.

HPM-400 engine delivers 544 horsepower

With combustion engines, the same is to say that increasing the engine's performance means, in most cases, increasing the weight of the package's volume. Something that electric motors came to counteract, ending up almost completely democratizing the power in cars.

There are great examples of this, such as the Kia EV6 GT with 585 horsepower, the smaller MG4 XPower with 435 horsepower or even the Tesla Model S plaid with 1020 horses. And this leads us to question where the limit of an electric motor will reach.

Called HPM-400 and created by the British at Equipmake, this small 40 kg electric motor is true proof of the potential of electric motors, since, with a structure that weighs just 40 kg, 30 kg of which comes from the motor and 10 kg of the silicon carbide inverter, it has the capacity to deliver a maximum of 400 kW, the equivalent of 544 horsepower and 250 Nm, while rotating at up to 20 thousand rpm.

40 kg electric motor was developed for use in rockets

With an extraordinary power density, the HPM-400 engine is recognized as the most powerful in the world, as announced by the company Equipmake, based in Norfolk, United Kingdom.

This engine, which weighs just 40 kg, was presented at the “Future Propulsion” conference, held last year in the United Kingdom. Originally designed to act as a rocket fuel pump, the engine was developed to withstand extreme conditions, including intense acceleration, as explained by Ian Foley, executive director of Equipmake.

Initially created for the Eris rocket program, by Gilmour Space Technologies of Australia, the HPM-400 was designed to operate both under atmospheric pressure and in a vacuum, without environmental limitations. Equipmake highlights that the engine was designed for high-performance applications, not only in space, but also in the aerospace and maritime sectors.

Could new 40 kg electric motor reach electric cars?

With all this potential, one cannot help but imagine this technology applied to cars. This doesn't seem like such a distant exercise at all, given that the company has electric engines for cars, trucks and buses in its catalog.

In addition to this, the company's executive director, Ian Foley, has a career linked to the automotive sector and competition. Foley was Lotus' Formula 1 research and development director between 1991 and 1994 and spent seven years leading Williams Hybrid Power.

It is important to mention that the electric motor is a fundamental component that has been the highlight of the electric car industry. It plays an essential role in transforming electrical energy into wheel movement. There are several types of motors used in electric vehicles, such as permanent magnet induction motors and switched reluctance motors, each with its advantages and disadvantages in terms of efficiency, cost, weight, size and performance.

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