Home Porto do Açú continues to hire, acting strongly in thermoelectric and exports

Porto do Açú continues to hire, acting strongly in thermoelectric and exports

14 May 2018 to 11: 37
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Porto do acu plumb macaé offshore

In a delegation made with one of our partners in Porto do Açú with authorities, the true potential of the enterprise was definitively revealed.

O port of azu already won its place in the sky a long time ago, despite some information being a little veiled or out of date, there is no doubt that this complex will play an important role in the national industry, or rather, in our continent, since it is the largest of your category. When we say “Porto do Açú”, the impression we have is that it only serves to dock and undock boats and/or ships, but that is not the case. The correct term is "Port Complex", let's explain why.

Márcio Mata, who is the manager of Smart Training, one of the leading institutions in Rio de Janeiro specializing in courses, training and professional qualifications, was at the enterprise on May 6th in a delegation with several authorities, government agencies and ended up obtaining privileged information about this powerful enterprise, especially the contracting of companies installed there and the thermoelectric works. Watch the video below and hold your breath because we'll be there soon.

As you could hear in the video, among the main activities of the Port Complex are offshore, mineral exports, thermoelectric, companies and factories located in the Port, etc... , there are two ways to apply so far: Through the Employability Network at the address or at Prumo Logística, which is the Porto administrator at the address, both are by registration, so don't leave it for later, because "THERE HIRINGS HAPPEN". She was featured in the media last year, as you can check it out here too.

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