Home Porto do Açú will have railway works connecting Rio and Espirito Santo

Porto do Açú will have railway works connecting Rio and Espirito Santo

9 November 2017 to 13: 34
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Plummet Logistics

Governors of RJ and ES signed a partnership at an event organized by Prumo in Porto do Açu for a rail link between the states.

[supsystic-social-sharing id='1′]O port of azu b each day that passes is establishing itself even more as a giant in many segments of the industry. In an event celebrated yesterday (8), organized by Prumo Logística, administrator of the port, the governors of Rio de Janeiro and Espirito Santo, Pezão and Hatung respectively, met to establish a partnership in a construction project of the “railway corridor. The intention of this union is to leverage the economy and job creation in both regions.

Governors of Rio and Espirito Santo at an event in Porto do Açú

At the celebration, the 2 governors signed a letter that will be sent to the current president of the republic, Temer, emphasizing how important the construction of this connecting rail line is. Other entities that were at this event also penned this letter, they are: Firjan, FINDES, Commercial Association of Rio de Janeiro and Espírito Santo in Action and several others. On November 14th, the letter will already be in the hands of the president, in a meeting that will take place on that day.

"Let's fight together for this project. We are talking about a railroad that will unite the potential of the two states and will be a source of development, generating jobs and income.”, Exclaimed Pezão!

José Magela, supreme director of Prumo Logística, also highlighted that the implementation of these rail lines will not only boost isolated regions and municipalities, but also have enormous potential to reach the global market, taking into account that Porto do Açú is the largest port undertaking private in the country.

They call this project the “Southeast Port Province”, which will allow for easier cargo logistics throughout the Southeast and Midwest of Brazil, for example: petrochemicals, iron ore, grains and steel, among many other inputs.

Technical specifications

The undertaking is already well advanced and, according to calculations, it will have 577 km, with wide and mixed gauges. Prumo also says that more or less 150 km of the railway bed that already exist in the place will be reused. To run this project, R$ 5,5 billion will be invested for this stretch.

Send your resume by email and registration

It is not official yet, but Prumo Logística provides a bank for registering resumes. The first option is to send an email to The second option is register your CV on the VAGAS website, for this it is necessary to access from the computer so that there are no registration errors.




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