Home Devastating offshore selection process in Macaé has just been released

Devastating offshore selection process in Macaé has just been released

5 June 2018 to 15: 15
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offshore macaé vacancies recruitment

Aiming at the new demand for platforms in the Campos Basin, an offshore contractor in the city of Macaé opens many vacancies

Another colossal sequence of offshore vacancies in Macaé, just announced by the powerful Alphatec Engenharia, which is currently doing very well in its Petrobras contracts for the maintenance of offshore units in the Campos Basin. For all of 2018 since she won the bid to maintain multiple batches of platforms(check all platforms here) , it has been steadily maintaining hiring of operational contingents in the area, with some large selection processes and others small. Today's offshore calls are definitely “the big ones”. So here are the vacancies:

Positions and Observations

First of all, all positions available in today's publication are extended to people with special needs, just inform the disability in the subject of the message. For the other functions, technical/professional training and experience in the function will be essential.

  • Warehouse Offshore
  • Storekeeper Onshsore
  • Offshore Helper
  • General Services Helper
  • Logistics Administrative Assistant
  • Tig welder Offshore climber
  • Offshore Scaffolding Fitter
  • Boiler Climber Offshore
  • Offshore Industrial Painter
  • N3 Offshore Climber
  • Offshore Materials Technician

How to apply?

Interested and within the function, can send their resumes to, informing the name of the function in the subject field. OBS: A problem that will certainly occur with many of you, will be an error message after sending your CV's, but don't be worried because it is just an alert indicating that the company's message box is full, as soon as they are emptied, you can repeat the same process until you succeed. If you want help, we will send your resume, just leave it in our form by clicking here.

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