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Human resources with industrial selection process on email or door

7 from 2018 to 09 at 38: XNUMX
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industry vacancies porto alegre

Among the open opportunities are painters, welders, boilermakers, production assistants, CNC operators and boiler tracers

The Human Resources company CMC makes an official call for professionals who wish to work on a large temporary project in the city of Porto Alegre, in Rio Grande do Sul. There are several opportunities for operations activities and, as it seems, are for maintenance works. We will list each one of them below in more detail, so apply only if you fit the requested profile:

Positions and Requirements

  • Painters
  • Welders
  • boilermakers
  • production assistants
  • CNC Operators
  • boiler tracers

The responsible Human Resources indicates that all candidates must be available to work in shifts, have experience in the function and education or training in the positions described, candidates outside these terms unfortunately cannot be considered for this selection process.

Interested and within the function can apply in 3 ways: Taking it to the CMC door, sending an email or registering on the website:

  1. E-mail: the e-mail address to send your resumes is
  2. Physical Address: Avenida Júlio Castilhos, 481, Porto Alegre – Rio Grande do Sul
  3. Website: (we recommend using the Google Chrome browser)

Check below the official publication of the company so that there are no doubts about the vacancies, it is worth mentioning that vacancies are temporary.

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