Home Subsea 7 and Schlumberger merge and may generate opportunities

Subsea 7 and Schlumberger merge and may generate opportunities

28/02/2018 às 09:47
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Subsea 7 and Schlumberger merger

Companies had to increase their capacities in the cities of Taubaté (SP) and Macaé (RJ) to cope with the demand for subsea equipment from 2018

Subsea 7 and Schlumberger released in the world business channels that are already in frank negotiations to shape a 50/50 joint venture, in the same parameters of the Subsea Integration Alliance, conceived in 2015. This initiative aims to combine the surface services portfolio, subsea production and processing of OneSubsea, with the modality of umbilicals, risers and flowlines of Subsea 7.

With this merger, the next step will be to strengthen the engineering branch, drawings and all the execution of these projects combined with autonomous technological systems, remote monitoring of production and operations that need inspection, as well as maintenance and repairs. Shell together with Senai developed a similar system that can replace an ROV and will implement it soon, learn more here.

OneSubsea is a joint venture between Schlumberger and Cameron, created in 2012, focused on the manufacture and development of products, systems and services for the subsea oil and gas market. In 2017, it established a leading position in the subsea market with a focus on pore-to-pipeline.

In Brazilian lands, it currently supplies our market with more than 350 Christmas trees and other types of related subsea equipment. With the combination of these two companies, it was announced that the cities of Macaé (RJ) and Taubaté (SP) where its main facilities are located, should have their capacities expanded, already foreseeing the great demand for services that are to come from 2018.

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