Home Around 80 thousand reais and the new Hyundai HB20 2024 appears on the Brazilian market doing 14 km per liter

Around 80 thousand reais and the new Hyundai HB20 2024 appears on the Brazilian market doing 14 km per liter

5 April 2024 09 gies: 46
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Around 80 thousand reais and the new Hyundai HB20 2024 appears on the Brazilian market doing 14 km per liter
Photo: Disclosure/DALL-e

Hyundai presents the HB20 Comfort Plus 2024, renewed with more comfort features and technological equipment, but with a question in the air: does its price of R$84.390 justify the updates?

The Comfort Plus version of the 20 Hyundai HB2024, now available at dealerships in Brazil, displays subtle modifications to its design and adds significant equipment. Notably, the template features a design more aggressive exterior, with darkened monoparabola headlights and halogen DRL. Although it does not include fog lights, the matte black front grille and creased hood reinforce its striking aesthetics.

The 20 HB2024 maintains its appeal with 15-inch steel wheels and silver hubcaps, as well as details such as body-colored mirror caps and integrated door handles, improving the side look. The rear of the car stands out for its interconnected lights and the matte black bumper, now enriched with a reversing camera, one of the new features of the Comfort Plus version.

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Hyundai HB20 2024 engine in Comfort Plus version

The Hyundai HB20 Comfort Plus 2024 is equipped with a 1.0 aspirated engine with three cylinders and 12 valves, operating with the Flex system, capable of using ethanol or gasoline. This engine is notable for its robustness and efficiency, providing a balanced driving experience both in urban environments and on highways.

With ethanol, the engine delivers 80 horsepower, while with gasoline, it produces 75 horsepower. This difference highlights the engine's ability to adapt to the fuel used, optimizing performance. Maximum torque reaches 10.2 kgfm when fueled with ethanol and 9.4 kgfm with gasoline. This torque, available in a useful speed range, ensures good responses during acceleration and restart.

Impressive consumption

The 1.0 aspirated engine stands out for its fuel economy, being one of the strengths of the HB20 2024. With an efficient energy rating, the vehicle shows an average consumption of 9.6 km/l in the city and 13.5 km/l on the highway with gasoline. With ethanol, it achieves 10.4 km/l in the city and 14.6 km/l on the highway, demonstrating its efficiency both on urban and highway routes.

Interior and technology

Internally, the Hyundai HB20 Comfort Plus offers a welcoming and well-equipped environment, with stylish and comfortable fabric seats, six airbags, and an analog instrument panel with a simple on-board computer. The progressive electric steering, although limited in height and depth adjustment, is complemented by a multifunctional steering wheel that includes media controls and cruise control.

The 8-inch BlueLink multimedia center, equipped with wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, stands out for its connectivity and ease of use. Despite the absence of a parking sensor, the rear camera with dynamic lines promises to facilitate daily maneuvers.

What is the price of the HB20 Comfort Plus 2024

In terms of price, the Hyundai HB20 Comfort Plus 2024 is priced from R$84.390, but discounts can reduce this value, making it an attractive option in its category. Compared to competitors like the Onix LS and Polo Track, the HB20 2024 promises a winning combination of comfort, safety and value, reaffirming its position in the compact hatchback market.

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