Home Pump: 74 Petrobras platforms will be sold according to Sindipetro

Pump: 74 Petrobras platforms will be sold according to Sindipetro

31 July 2017 to 19: 50
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Petrobras wants to sell 74 oil units

Temer and Parente announced the sale of 74 oil platforms in the country and the union blocked access to Petrobras in a demonstration fearing mass unemployment

[supsystic-social-sharing id='1′]For about 3 hours, oil workers and Sindpetro representatives interrupted access to the Petrobras Imbetiba, located in city ​​of Macaé-RJ today (July 31). The reason for this, according to the protesters, will be the sale of no less than 74 oil platforms in the country, 14 of which are located in the Campos Basin.

The union reinforces that if this absurd amount of platforms are sold, it will result in the immediate elimination of more than 10 jobs.
The director of the Union, Antônio Carlos Pereira, said in an interview that if the Brazilian people continue doing nothing, the government will hand over all the riches of the country and there will be nothing to call “ours”, leaving us only to eat in the hands of the gringos .

According to calculations by Sindpetro-NF, by handing over these offshore units to the private sector, BR will fail to collect approximately US$ 1 billion per year.
Petrobras was contacted to clarify the reason for the sale of this number of oil units by the mass media, see the response it provided to G1:

“Petrobras announced last Friday (28/7) the start of the divestment process in fields in shallow waters in Brazil. The announcement of the intention to sell does not mean the end of the operation of the fields nor the dismissal of people. On the contrary, it should be noted that new operators will have the potential to invest, move regional economies and may even expand production. Regarding the protests that took place this morning (31/7), there was no impact on the operation and access has already been released”.

Watch the video below of Tezeu Bezerra, one of the union coordinators at the Manifestation that closed the Petrobras Base in Macaé Today.


What about oil tankers, what do you think about this? Naturally, Petrobras will say that the sale of these units is part of the business plan, but is this really good for the country's economy? Sources: Sindipetro e G1

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