Home Oil and gas company hires for 5-year project

Oil and gas company hires for 5-year project

25 June 2018 to 11: 23
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Iraq oil gas company vacancies

Despite the vacancies being for internationals, Brazilians are qualified in this oil and gas company, according to the recruitment

Oil and gas company specializing in recruitment has just launched another major selection process in less than 1 week. The good news is that Brazilians are included in these waves of hires, according to Human Resources, which disclosed the opportunities. check out the recruiter's original publication so that there is no doubt:

Vacancies in the oil and gas company

Urgent Job Opportunities – Valve Specialists (Oil & Gas), Please feel free to share this post across network. * Position only open to western candidates * (including Brazil).

• Project Manager – Valves ($700-750 USD)
• Sr. Project Engineer Valve – Mechanical (Price of the Day $450-500 USD)
• Sr. Project Engineer Valve – Instrumentation (Daytime $450-500 USD)
• Workshop Supervisor – Valves (Daily $450 USD)
• Field Valves Supervisor – Instrumentation ($450 USD)
• Field Valves Supervisor – Mechanics ($450 USD)
• Valve Technical Trainer / Trainer – Instrumentation (Daily $400 USD)
• Technical Valve Trainer / Trainer – Mechanic (Daily $400 USD)
• Technician of Ir. Valves – Instrumentation (Daily $400 USD)
• Technician Mr. Valves – Mechanic (Daily $400 USD)

All positions are on the same valve maintenance project (5 year duration) for a large O&G company and on a 28*28 day rotation in Basra, Iraq. The day rate is only paid for a few days, however, our client will cover all costs (transport, accommodation, security / logistics, food, etc.) when you are in the country working, so you will not spend anything.

How to apply

If interested, please send a CV to the address with details on notice period, current salary, YOB and nationality, Brazilians are eligible to apply as well. Send the message in English please, if you want to take a good course in this language and with fair prices, click here and enroll now, it's worth a lot just for the learning methodology that makes the student fix aspects of the language quickly! ?Download our APP “JOBS AND NEWS CPG” on the Playstore, everything you need in the palm of your hand!

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