Home Keuri Metodo Potencial releases official statement on Comperj's signings

Keuri Metodo Potencial releases official statement on Comperj's signings

21 April 2018 08 gies: 03
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To avoid unnecessary agglomerations at the door of KM, the Comperj representative informs how the hiring will be on video, we also leave an email at the end of the article

In recent days the buyj has become the scene of major controversies regarding the issue of transparency in hiring and the start of works. Now to put an end to all of them once and for all, the representative of KM (Keuri Metodo Potencial Consortium) definitively revealed how the selection processes and the beginning of the works will be. This attitude was necessary because many people were gathering at the company's door in Itaboraí in the form of protests.(Watch the video and article here).

The news is relatively good and bad at the same time

  • Good - Hiring will take place through the Sine de Itaboraí and the Sintramon database. You can register directly on the company's website or go physically to the institution and register when hiring is actually taking place.
  • bad - Hiring will only take place in the month of July, approximately three months from now, and the work on Comperj's UPGN will probably start in August. It's still a long way off, but at least it's official "north."

Watch the Official Video of the KM Consortium

O sintramon next Tuesday (24) summoned all interested parties to attend the union door in Itaboraí for an assembly for more information and additional clarifications, although the representative himself said practically all the necessary information, as you can see above, for those who live in the region it is worth being present on this day, since it is now official that they will be one of those responsible for forwarding the CVs to KM.

Professionals who will be called to Comperj

For those who don't know, there is a collective agreement treaty granted by Sintramon itself, listing all the professionals expected to work on the works and their respective salaries. You can check all of them in the article we did in 2017 by clicking here. Read carefully and put the position you want to apply for in your resume, but it has to be the one on this list to avoid major problems on hiring day.

If you wish, send your resume directly to the company email below

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