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Thermoelectric in the Amazon Basin will require billionaire investments

Written by Paulo Nogueira
Published 31/05/2019 às 19:27


Eneva was one of the winners of the Auction to Supply Boa Vista and Connected Locations, held this Friday, 31/05, by the Electric Energy Trading Chamber (CCEE).

A federal government auction to make viable energy supply solutions to Roraima concluded this Friday the contracting of a nominal power of 293,8 megawatts (MW), coming from nine undertakings that should demand billionaire investments. The company will develop the Jaguatirica II thermoelectric project in Roraima, with a capacity of 132,3 MW, powered by natural gas, and supplied with gas produced by Eneva in the Azulão field, in Amazonas

Eneva, whose shares soared by more than 6 percent after the auction, sold the future production of the Jaguatirica II thermoelectric plant, while Oliveira Energia made the Monte Cristo project, with diesel oil, 42 MW, feasible.

BBF sold the production of projects that combine biofuel with biomass and solar radiation, with 17,6 MW and 56 MW, respectively. Uniagro is expected to implement four woodchip biomass projects, each with 10 MW, while Enerplan will also build a biofuel and solar energy plant, with 11,5 MW.

The event takes place at a time when the State in the North region has no longer received energy imports from Venezuela, depending on diesel thermal plants.

Eneva said that its venture, the one with the greatest capacity and expected investment among the winners, should demand a total of 1,8 billion reais, 40% of which in foreign currency. It traded energy at a reference price of 798,17 reais per megawatt-hour, with a fixed revenue of 429,3 million per year.

The Azulão field marks the expansion of Eneva's exploration and production activities beyond the Parnaíba Basin, reinforcing the company's expertise in operating onshore assets and in regions in the North and Northeast of the country.

“After a year of intense work, we were able to develop this highly complex project, but so important for Amazonas, for Roraima and for the country”, said Eneva's CEO, Pedro Zinner.

According to him, the importance of the project for the Amazon is to make possible the production of Azulão, declared commercial in 2004, inaugurating the production phase of the Amazon Basin.

Eneva also stated that it signed a contract with Techint for the construction of the plant, while critical equipment for the project's power island will be supplied by Siemens.

The company also contracted equipment from Galileo Technologies for the implementation of a Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) plant that will receive LNG cargoes sent from the Azulão field to supply the plant.

The winners of the auction, which should start supplying as of June 28, 2021, are electric companies Eneva and Oliveira Energia, in addition to BBF, Enerplan and Uniagro, according to the Electric Energy Trading Chamber (CCEE), responsible for the operation. of the contest.

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Paulo Nogueira

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