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Uruguay chooses the A29 Super Tucano: Purchase of 100 million dollars announced for 6 aircraft

Written by Rafaela Fabris
Published 09/07/2024 às 20:05
Uruguay chooses the A29 Super Tucano: Purchase of 100 million dollars announced for 6 aircraft
A29 Super Tucano Image: Wiki/Disclosure

The neighboring country decided to reinforce its air force with renowned Brazilian combat aircraft

O Uruguay just made one weight choice to modernize your strength aerial. According to the newspaper El País, the country decided to acquire six planes A29 Super Tucano of Brazil, in an agreement that will cost 100 million dollars. Let's check out the details of this purchase that promises to bring a new era to Uruguayan defense.

The decision of the Uruguay to buy the A29 Super Tucano was informed by sources in the Executive Branch. The idea is to renew the Uruguayan Air Force's modest fleet, which currently operates with 30 planes and 10 helicopters. The purchase, which can be paid off over 10 to 15 years, will also include a used Brasília plane.

The Minister of Defense of Uruguay explained that these aircraft will be essential for border patrolling, especially in combating illegal drug trafficking flights. This mission is already carried out successfully by Super Tucano from the FAB (Brazilian Air Force) and Colombia.

What will the A29 Super Tucano replace?

The new ones A29 Super Tucano will replace the seven A-37 Dragonfly jets, which are already in operation in Uruguay many decades ago. These new planes will definitely bring the Uruguayan Air Force into 21st century technologies, providing greater efficiency and safety in missions.

The El País article highlighted that the A29 Super Tucano is a world leader in its category. Produced by Embraer, it already has more than 260 aircraft on order and more than 500.000 hours flown, of which around 60.000 were in real operations. This demonstrates the reliability and effectiveness of these combat aircraft.

Previous attempts and the final choice

Last year, a United States company was negotiating with the Uruguay an aircraft package that included second-hand Hawk 100 jets and T-27 Tucano planes, also worth 100 million dollars. But, apparently, the Uruguayan government preferred the safer and already established purchase of A29 Super Tucano.

It seems that the A29 Super Tucano really gained the trust of yet another country, guaranteeing more security and advanced technology for air defense.

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