Home Would you pass an interview in English at an Offshore Multinational

Would you pass an interview in English at an Offshore Multinational

31 July 2018 to 05: 16
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Would you pass an interview in English at an Offshore Multinational

Is your English good enough to secure a job at an Offshore Multinational?

Speaking another language is essential for anyone's professional career. With the increase in international relations, it is extremely important to master the English language and other languages ​​that are currently being charged at least the basics. The engineer or technician in mechanics, for example, in addition to speaking fluent English, can start studying the German language, because the main innovations in mechanics have been brought from Germany. Professionals in the area of ​​naval projects, studying English and Mandarin, currently the main projects in this area are being carried out in China, an example of this are the new platforms arriving in Brazil and being built in Asia. Professionals who want to work abroad need to study languages ​​in depth, especially English, so as not to miss out on job opportunities.


Offshore companies and English tests:

The dream of every professional, especially in the oil area, is to work in a multinational company for very simple reasons, better wages, excellent career plans, various aids that help supplement the monthly income and many others. However, some Human Resources have come across candidates who say they speak English on their resume, but at the time of the tests they end up disappointing. This has been such a frequent problem that some companies are now asking for a certificate of tests in English applied by international institutions that qualify the professional for the job. One of the examples is the TOEFL, which costs a lot to request the test.

How to prepare for interview in English:

There is no secret, to pass an English interview the professional needs to study the language. Today there are already more accessible, free courses that work on conversation, writing, text comprehension and much more. Don't be fooled into thinking you know and in reality you can't pass an interview in English. Read a lot of magazines, newspapers, watch movies and drawings, take a grammar book to answer questions that will help you in a travel interview, work and other situations. Keep reading our job and business posts from the world of oil and energy. Click on the link to check other articles:  



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