Home Construction of Açu Station begins at the Port Complex

Construction of Açu Station begins at the Port Complex

1 March 2018 to 07: 58
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works at the açú station begin

Euro Urbanismo started this week the construction of Açu Station, a convenience center that will be developed in the Port Complex.

A Açu Station just had its works on the convenience center started this week by  Euro Urbanism, which will be developed in the Port Complex. With a total area of ​​8 m², including 2 m² of gross leasable area, Açu Station will be an area dedicated to facilitating the provision of services that will help the Açu Port Complex to operate. This project is a partnership between Porto do Açu and Euro.

The project, which foresees investments of BRL 3 million, will have commercial rooms, stores, a food court, a coworking space and a medical center. Among the services that can be provided on site are restaurants and banks, as well as offices for shipping agents, accountants and service providers. The project was based on research with current clients of the port and comes to meet a demand from these clients. “This project meets our customers' demands for day-to-day convenience and facilities,” explained Rafael Viana, Business Developer at Porto do Açu.

“Estação Açu is another facility for companies that set up in Porto. We have several advanced conversations with those interested in installing themselves in the project and we are very optimistic”, said Igor Pessanha, responsible for the commercialization of Açu Station. The development of the Center is carried out by Euro in partnership with a group of investors, including a businessman from Campos dos Goytacazes.

Construction of the Thermoelectric Power Plant in Porto do Açú is about to begin and Prumo is already receiving resumes through the employability portal aimed at attracting these professionals, not only for these works, but for any companies within the project and future hiring. If you want to apply, just register your profile on EMPLOYMENT PORTAL HERE. we also have a official Facebook group dedicated to PORTO DO AÇÚ, JOIN HEREAuthorial source and text via Prumo

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