Home Business group hiring for wind tower work

Business group hiring for wind tower work

10 from 2018 to 01 at 29: XNUMX
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Business group hiring for wind tower work

To meet the demand for new energy activities in Brazil, the business group is hiring professionals to assemble a wind tower

SANTIN business group is hiring professionals to work on the wind tower assembly project. With the advance of renewable energy in Brazil, the trend is the increase of jobs, thus consequently also emerging job vacancies throughout the national territory. This is another great business opportunity in Brazil that will give great results in the economy. To participate in the selection process, continue reading the article, where we will be detailing all the steps for sending the curriculum.

Vacancy and requirements:

Vacancy: Wind Tower Assembler

  • Location: Northeast State
  • Experience: Assembling GE wind turbines
  • Activities: Assembly of wind turbines

How to apply for the job:

Brazil currently has more than 500 wind farms, which proves that the future of Brazilian energy will be renewable. Electricity production already exceeds 12,4GW. There are 503 plants with 6500 wind turbines. For 2020, the plan is to operate with a capacity of at least 17 GW, which means that investment will continue to increase rapidly. In the last survey Brazil appeared in seventh place in energy production through wind.

To participate in this selection process, you must send your CV to the following email address: until the 16/08th with the subject WIND GENERATOR ASSEMBLER. Attention CVs must be sent with a photo. Before sending the resume, proofread it to avoid errors in Portuguese, formatting, courses and training out of date.

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