Home Petrobras and Total have just acquired 3 pre-salt lots at PPSA auction

Petrobras and Total have just acquired 3 pre-salt lots at PPSA auction

31 from 2018 to 15 at 07: XNUMX
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Petrobras Total PPSA pre-salt

The Mero and Sapinhoá fields were taken over by Petrobras, while France took over the Lula field at auctions this Friday

Petrobras and Total together acquired 3 pre-salt oil lots belonging to the Union in the auction belonging to PPSA, which took place today (Friday), in the city of São Paulo. The Brazilian oil company managed to produce Sapinhoá and Mero for 3 years. The French operator holds 1 year of productivity related to the Lula field.

According to the Union, the Campo de Mero area will produce around 10.6 million barrels of oil in a fixed volume for the institution. As for Sapinhoá, the estimated amount in the same period of time is 600 barrels of oil. Total will have to provide 1,1 million barrels of its production in the Lula Field period

Four oil companies participated in these PPSA auctions: Petrobras, Shell, Repsol Sinopec and Total. It is worth noting that Pré-Sal Petróleo (PPSA) is a Brazilian state-owned company not dependent on

Petrobras says it will have profit this quarter

The new president of Petrobras Ivan Monteiro presents the estimated balance sheet for the next quarter, as the best in terms of profit for the State-owned company, since the beginning of the Lava-Jato operation. The predominant factor is the rising dollar, leaving the price of domestic oil competitive and definitively emerging from the crisis that has been plaguing Brazil for four years. Learn more about it and the details that justify these profits here.

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