Home Recovery in the oil sector had a positive impact on the national economy and in Rio de Janeiro

Recovery in the oil sector had a positive impact on the national economy and in Rio de Janeiro

28 from 2018 from September to 07: 19
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In the midst of so many problems in the country, it is a breath of fresh air to believe that the crisis in the oil sector is coming to an end.

The rise in the price of a barrel of oil, which has just reached the highest value in the last four years, is leading to the recovery of the oil sector in Brazil and Rio de Janeiro. In 2014, shaken both by the drop in the value of oil and by the implications of Operation Lava Jato, the oil and gas segment began to show signs of recovery in 2018. The oil sector is responsible for 36% of the total produced by the industry in Rio de January according to 4E Consultoria. This means that this resumption strongly contributes to the improvement of the economy in the state.

From January to August of this year, the country's total collection of special participations and royalties grew by 62% compared to an identical period in 2017, thus reaching the value of R$34,756 billion, according to the ANP (Agencia Nacional do Petroleum). Still according to the agency, the state of Rio de Janeiro is one of the most affected by the national economic crisis, apart from the internal problems it faces, it is the one that most benefits from the amount of R$1,52 billion received until July.

In the edition of Rio Oil and Gas, the biggest event of the sector in Latin America this year (2018) which ended yesterday (Thursday 27/09) in Rio Centro, brought together the main operators in the world and the entire production chain. And it was in this context that the sixth largest Independent Audit and Consulting company in the world offered a "Networking & Cocktail", in partnership with SEBRAE RJ, for just over 200 guests, including representatives of the International Chambers of Commerce - similar to from the UK and US and presidents and senior executives of the world's largest and most influential oil and gas companies.

With this resumption of the oil and gas sector, it has great potential to boost the economy of all states and the country, which is undergoing a readjustment to get out of the crisis, even impacting the improvement of services requested by the public sector. Still for this year 2018, the perspective of the Ministry of Mines and Energy is that the country's oil production will reach the unprecedented mark of 1 billion barrels, that is 4% more than the year 2017.

Job openings at the Halliburton company in Rio de Janeiro.

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