Home The green dragon that devours tons of earth: Liebherr, the largest electric excavator that dominates the market and reaches the million-ton mark!

The green dragon that devours tons of earth: Liebherr, the largest electric excavator that dominates the market and reaches the million-ton mark!

22 April 2024 16 gies: 10
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photo/reproduction: electrek

A green monster called the Liebherr R9400 E could turn the entire market for electric miners and excavators upside down, understand!

According to electrek, in a groundbreaking feat, the excavator electrical da Liebherr R9400 E surpassed the mark one million tons, moving its millionth ton of earth. This milestone was reached at the mine Fortescue's Christmas Creek in Western Australia, where the converted excavator has been operating tirelessly. But this isn't just impressive numbers, it's a testament to the future of sustainable mining. Let's explore the details of this electrifying success story.

Is Liebherr's electrical workforce really all that?

The electric excavator Liebherr R 9400 E, before a conventional machine powered by diesel, it has undergone a remarkable transformation. Now, with your electric powertrain, it has become a workforce at the forefront of decarbonization efforts. The modular design of the equipment Liebherr enabled this seamless conversion, ensuring the excavator is future-proof for many years to come.

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Liebherr R9400

But what makes this electric giant tick?

Energy Efficiency

Moving more than a million tons of earth and rock requires substantial energy. The excavator R 9400 E reconverted operates with a combination of renewable solar energy and a 6,6 kV substation, which conducts electrons through more than two kilometers of high-voltage cable. Although it currently depends on a source of hybrid power, Fortescue's ultimate goal is to power its entire fleet with renewable electricity, eliminating emissions from its mining operations.

Environmental impact

The commitment of Fortescue with sustainability is evident. When transitioning to electric excavators, they intend to eliminate about 95 million liters of diesel from its operations annually, which is equivalent to more than a quarter of a million tons of carbon dioxide. This move not only reduces greenhouse gas emissions, but also sets a precedent for other mining companies to follow suit.

photo/reproduction: electrek

Collaboration and innovation with Liebherr

The partnership between Fortescue and Liebherr exemplifies true collaboration. Together, they have developed zero-emission solutions that go beyond fossil fuels. The excavator R9400 converted can be connected to a constant energy source, either directly to the electrical grid or through a Large-scale Battery Energy Storage System (BESS). In addition External Power Unit (OPU) Fortescue hydrogen powered is undergoing on-site testing, demonstrating its commitment to cutting edge technology.

And is all this effort really worth it?

As the first operational electric excavator in Australia, the Liebherr R 9400 And it paved the way for sustainable mining practices. Their success story resonates throughout the industry, inspiring others to embrace electrification and reduce their environmental footprint. With two more electric excavators on the horizon, Fortescue and Liebherr are shaping a cleaner, greener future for mining operations around the world.

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