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After 6 years, the court authorizes the return of mining in Serra do Curral in Belo Horizonte: But the city hall does not want to 'leave it cheap' and promises to intensify inspection!

Written by Roberta Souza
Published 14/06/2024 às 14:16
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photo/reproduction: brasilmineral

Decision overturns injunction that suspended Empabra's activities in the historic region: City Hall promises to appeal and intensify inspection!

The Court authorized the return of operations of the mining company Mineração Pau Branco LTDA (Empabra) na Serra do CorralOn Belo Horizonte. The decision overturns the injunction that banned the company's activities due to allegations of irregularities. Now, the BH City Hall promises resort and intensify on-site inspection to ensure environmental protection, according to the weather.

The controversial court decision

Authorization for the resumption of the mining company's activities came from 1st Court of Deeds of the Municipal Public Treasury of Belo Horizonte. BH City Hall, in a note issued on Thursday night (June 13), stated that it was evaluating the appropriate legal measures to reverse the decision. "We are studying what actions we can take in light of this court decision that allows the company to operate in Serra do Curral“, declared the PBHs.

“mining”, “serra do corral”, “mining”, “BH”,

City hall environmental inspectors identified signs of mining illegal in Corumi Mine, which led to the initial ban. The operation included the participation of civil servants from Secretariats for the Environment and Urban Policy and the Municipal Guard. The mining company, notified of a very serious environmental crime, with a predicted fine of almost R $ 65 thousand. If the mining company is really wrong, would you think this value is fair?

Illegal mining and complaints from residents

The inspection by the City of BH was motivated by complaints of residents of the region who observed the truck movement. According to the city hall, during the inspection carried out on May 6, deposits of fine ore were identified, desilting of drainage structures, and ore removal activities without due environmental licensing.

The place, located in the neighborhood City Jardim Taquaril, is a municipal protected area of Serra do Curral. A illegal mining raised concerns about the preservation of this historical and environmental heritage of Belo Horizonte. “Residents were right to report the suspicious movement of trucks. Our team confirmed the extraction of ore without licensing“, explained a representative from the city hall.

Mining company's response

In response to the accusations, the Mineração Pau Branco LTDA (Empabra) stated that does not carry out activities that require environmental licensing or municipal authorization and that its operations have been paralyzed since 2018. The company claimed that its current activities only aim to complete the removal of material for avoid environmental degradation. “We are just finishing the removal of material to avoid the degradation that the city hall itself wants to avoid”, Empabra argued.

“mining”, “serra do corral”, “mining”, “BH”,
IBM-1 automation photo/reproduction: Mineração Pau Branco

The mining company assured that it intends to close all activities by June 2024, according to the Mine Closure Plan filed with the National Mining Agency (ANM). "Our sole objective is to complete the definitive closure of the mine, as determined by the competent authorities“, reiterated the company.

Future of Serra do Curral

Therefore, Serra do Curral, an important milestone historical and landscape of Belo Horizonte, continues to be a point of dispute between economic and environmental interests. The recent court decision authorizing the mining company's operation raises questions about the effectiveness of environmental preservation policies in the region.

While the BH City Hall prepares to appeal the decision, the mining activities of the Empabra are again closely monitored. However, the promise of intensification of supervision by the Municipal Guard seeks to ensure that no more illegal mining occurs, guaranteeing the protection of the city's natural heritage.

Thus, the situation in Serra do Curral remains tense, with residents, authorities and the mining company on a constant clash about the future of this area so significant for Belo Horizonte.

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