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Aker signs smart service contract for offshore operations

30 from 2018 to 02 at 18: XNUMX
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Aker signs smart service contract for offshore operations

Norwegian oil company Aker has signed a special “data release” agreement as the company steps up to digitize its overseas operations

Aker BP has signed a new “data liberation” smart service contract that will change the traditional approach to maintenance developed by the multinational. A great example of this new technology is the Ivar Aasen platform in the North Sea, which provides Aker BP with more than just oil, it also transmits huge volumes of data to shore. The platform is now among the most advanced in the world. Aker BP's VP of Operations Technology and Digitalization Lars Atle Andersen said: “Aker BP's vision is to digitize all of our operations. The main elements are the transformation of business models and activities through digital technologies and the liberation of data flows. The smart service agreement with Framo and Cognite is an important milestone on this journey and underpins our ambition to lead offshore digitalization.”

Digitization in the offshore market

Aker BP will continue to digitize its offshore operations, and the company's aim is to complete all development projects profitably, even at oil prices below $35 a barrel. Cognite's data platform is a key enabler for these ambitions. Cognite unlocks and organizes industrial data from Aker BP to create a real-time digital representation of industrial reality. It allows Aker BP to extract useful insights into its operations, but also share its data and insights with partners like Framo and enable new services and business models.

“The more we share, the better. If we can apply this technology across all our fields, our operations will improve. We are confident that this is a smart move. That is why we are clearly stating what we want to achieve and we hope that many others will follow”, said Lars Atle Andersen of Aker BP.

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