Home Enseada shipyard in Bahia negotiates construction of FPSO modules

Enseada shipyard in Bahia negotiates construction of FPSO modules

14 from 2018 from September to 09: 29
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Shipyard Shipyard Enseada Bahia

A new moment arrives for the shipbuilding industry in Bahia's Recôncavo with the restructuring of the Enseada shipyard

Good news for the naval industry in Bahia, Estaleiro Enseada managed to pay about 70% of its debts and the other 30% were spread over 19 years. It is negotiating the construction of other FPSO modules, and according to director Mauricio Almeida, everything seems to be favorable for winning these contracts. In addition, there are other projects for repairing drilling rigs, building cabotage ships and FPSO hulls, as well as the implementation of the Liquid Bulk Terminal.

Maurício de Almeida, executive of the Enseada Shipyard

As recently published on our portal, the Enseada is partnering with the Government of the State of Bahia to help leverage business in the naval industry and provide favorable incentives to the sector, since the shipyard is one of the best assets in the country and has exceptional professionals.

At the moment, Enseada is disputing a tender to build 4 warships for the Brazilian Navy and will build a Liquid Bulk sector within its boundaries, which will help to “hold the ends” while the sector is still down.

Almeida said that he cannot reveal the name of the companies with which he is negotiating for the construction of the modules at the moment, but he will issue an official statement soon.

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