Home Petrobras opens new tender: Aker, GE, NOV, Schlumberger, TechnipFMC and Weatherford are on par!

Petrobras opens new tender: Aker, GE, NOV, Schlumberger, TechnipFMC and Weatherford are on par!

11 January 2018 to 11: 58
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With the new demand for drilling and completion operations, Petrobras launches a tender for Drill Pipe Risers and boosts the sector.

[supsystic-social-sharing id='1′]A Petrobras surprise once again and opens another big tender for Drill Pipe Risers( DPR), which only “big” companies have the expertise to operate this type of tool. This type of bidding means that drilling and completion operations are about to resume and it is precisely these that are responsible for moving the offshore, oil and gas market, not only in Brazil, but in any part of the world where part of the economy and based on hydrocarbon exploration.


The possible companies that can assume some of these operations are Aker Solutions, GE Oil & Gas, NOV, Schlumberger, TechnipFMC and Weatherford. O Click Oil and Gas he has already been part of the operational team of all these companies and guarantees that they are all first-rate and specialized. The cool thing is that they can adapt their technologies according to the needs of the asset, no matter if they are deep or super-deep waters.

The focus of this tender is the post-salt fields and the DPR's must be able to withstand pressures that start at 5 psi up to the limit of 2 meters deep on the ocean floor. The contract will run for approximately 4 years. Tenders for pre-salt DPR's are still being awaited, as they demand more complex specifications.


How to work in these companies?  For those who intend to work in these companies, it is ideal that you have technical training, higher education or both, English from intermediate level and previous experience in some technical or maintenance modality. They also usually open trainee programs, boarding courses and training courses, which they usually teach. When you have some time, go to their official websites and register, but do it on your desktop or notebook computer. Read the articles where we teach you the steps to become professionals maritime ou offshore.

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