Home Offshore platform P-75 has just arrived at Porto Rio Grande

Offshore platform P-75 has just arrived at Porto Rio Grande

15 from 2018 to 11 at 21: XNUMX
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Platform that was built in China, has just arrived in the state of Rio Grande do Sul for operational finalization and will start operating at the end of this year

The FPSO P-75 has just arrived from a long-haul trip from China, from which it was built to the Rio Grande inlet for the finalization of the unit, under order of Petrobras. The platform will explore oil and natural gas in the Santos Basin, in the coastal sector of São Paulo. With this, it will be the sixth time that the state completes a platform, the previous ones were: P-53, P-55, P-58, P-63 and P-74.

But unlike all other units, the P-75 will not berth at the shipyard simply because the Rio Grande pier does not support a platform of this size, everything will have to be done offshore anyway (this explains why some metalworking companies have been hiring offshore in recent weeks ). At first, this platform was completed at the QGI Shipyard, but due to contractual problems with Petrobras, the works ended up being canceled due to disagreements, but local influences and politics in the region ended up being successful and the final processes ended up here.

The P-75 was built at the Cosco Shipyard, in the Chinese city called Dalian. She left the shipyard in May for Brazil and is currently at the entrance to Porto. The IRS is inspecting the unit right now.

The forecast for operation will be in December, with a daily production capacity of 150 barrels of oil and 6 million m³ of gas. When asked by journalists, Petrobras declined to answer why the P-75 was not built in Brazil and the number of jobs generated in Rio Grande.

It is worth noting that the P-77 is due to arrive at the QGI shipyard as well, on order from Petrobras in December. The Brazilian Naval industry has already employed more than 20 thousand collaborators in Rio Grande, according to the regional union, today this number is 250 people.

Several offshore vacancies for technicians with immediate start

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