Home With production of more than 1 MILLION cubic meters of natural gas per day, Batista Brothers from giant JBS expand business with MEGA acquisition of Bolivian oil company!

With production of more than 1 MILLION cubic meters of natural gas per day, Batista Brothers from giant JBS expand business with MEGA acquisition of Bolivian oil company!

10 June 2024 to 16: 51
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“oil”, “jbs”, “Batista brothers”, “bolivia”, “petróleo”
photo/reproduction: economic value

JBS advances in the energy sector with new acquisitions of the oil company Pluspetrol Bolivia through Fluxus, the brothers' oil and gas company!

Wesley and Joesley Batista, controllers of the giant JBS, are expanding their operations in the sector energetic with the purchase of Pluspetrol Bolivia. The acquisition, carried out through Fluxus, the brothers' oil and gas company, includes three natural gas fields in Bolivia's Tarija-Chaco basin. This strategy marks a new phase of expansion for the Batista family, which already has significant investments in energy through Âmbar, according to suno.

Expansion in Bolivia: acquisition details

Pluspetrol Bolivia's purchase includes the Tacobo, Tajibo and Yacuiba fields, which currently produce around 100 cubic meters of natural gas per day. With the potential to increase this production to more than 1 million cubic meters per day, the acquisition represents a great opportunity for Fluxus. Therefore, in addition to the gas reserves, the assets include two gas treatment plants and the capacity to transport production to Bolivian markets, Brazilian and Argentine. According to a statement from Fluxus, the transaction strengthens the company's presence in Latin America.

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“oil”, “jbs”, “Batista brothers”, “bolivia”, “petróleo”
photo/reproduction: cnnbrasil

Fluxus and J&F: growing presence in the energy sector

The group J&F, which controls JBS, acquired Fluxus in December last year. Since then, the founders of Fluxus, Ricardo Savini, Jorge Lorenzón e Vitor Abreu, remained in executive positions, contributing to the company's expansion. The acquisition of Pluspetrol Bolivia is a strategic step for Fluxus, which seeks to establish a solid presence in the Latin American oil and gas market. The company is finalizing preparations to operate the Centenario field in Neuquen, Argentina, where production of 1,3 million cubic meters of natural gas and 1.365 barrels of oil is expected daily.

Meeting with Lula and expansion of JBS

Recently, Joesley and Wesley Batista met with President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva at Palácio do Planalto. This meeting, the first since 2017 after the brothers' plea bargain agreement in Operation Lava Jato, took place during a meeting with meat industry associations to discuss donations for families affected by climate disasters in Rio Grande do Sul. The resumption of contact with the federal government may indicate new partnerships and expansion opportunities for JBS and other J&F Group companies.

“oil”, “jbs”, “Batista brothers”, “bolivia”, “petróleo”
photo/reproduction: oglobo

JBS and the stock market

JBS shares (JBSS3) stood out on the Ibovespa in May, with an increase of 23,04%. This positive performance reflects investors' confidence in the company, driven by solid financial results and the deleveraging strategy. JBS's growth in the energy sector, through Âmbar and now Fluxus, demonstrates the diversification of the Batista brothers' business and their ability to adapt to new markets.

The oil company Pluspetrol Bolivia

Therefore, the acquisition of Pluspetrol Bolivia by Fluxus is another strategic move by the Batista brothers to expand their business in the Latin American energy sector. However, with robust investments and a clear vision for growth, JBS and its associated companies continue to stand out in the global market. Stay tuned for new opportunities and developments as Fluxus strengthens its position as one of the region's leading oil and gas companies.

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