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Brazil offshore 2019 confirmed in the city of Macaé

1 May 2018 to 12: 20
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Brazil offshore Macaé oil platform

As a symbol of the resumption of the Brazilian oil and gas industry, the Brasil Offshore 2019 event will attract many companies to the region

Almost like a perfect chronology, the 10th edition of Brazil Offshore will take place at a crucial moment for the new moment of the national oil market. After the overcoming of 2015 and the resumption of 2016, the 2019 fair is already being prepared with the objective of consolidating the rescue of one of the main characteristics of the local oil and gas production chain: business. With 50% of the exhibitors' pavilion already closed, with more than a year to go for the 10th edition, the Brazil Offshore will also consolidate with the moment when the industry will renew itself, based on the development of projects focused on the exploration phase, generated from the auctions held by the National Petroleum Agency (ANP) in 2017 and until 2019.

“Next year will be a time for service companies to approach the Campos Basin. The fair tends to be this great meeting between the major operators, who invest in this new phase of the market, and the production chain, which transformed Macaé and the entire region into a foundation for the development of the oil and gas industry”, analyzes Daniel Pereira , events manager at Reed Exhibitions Alcântara Machado. To consolidate this moment of renewal, Reed's management participates this year in the OTC (Offshore Technology Conference) in Houston, in the United States. Considered the biggest oil event in the world, the fair also creates the necessary networking for the Brazil Offshore be the reference for new businesses for the national oil and gas market.

“Without a doubt, we believe that the presence of the major oil operators in the edition of the fair next year will be greater, due to the unfolding of the ANP auctions. Because of this, we chose to be present at the OTC in Houston, to assess the new sentiment in the international market, and ensure that our Brazilian market also plays a prominent role”, said Daniel. With more than RS 11 billion generated in signature bonuses in the last two auctions held by the ANP, thus accumulating a potential investment of around R$ 800 million, the Campos Basin is once again the great showcase of the national oil market. And your relationship with Brazil Offshore only guarantees the success of the special edition of the fair.

“We are going to celebrate 10 editions at a very important moment for the Brazilian market and for the Campos Basin. Petrobras investment perspectives, auction results, production potential. These consolidated factors in the Basin only guarantee a promising future for the sector. In the last two editions we have experienced the challenge of rescuing optimism. Next time, let's celebrate this new moment,” he said. Source: The Debateon

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