Home Company RIP Kaefer Macaé branch contracting offshore

Company RIP Kaefer Macaé branch contracting offshore

30 from 2018 to 17 at 26: XNUMX
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kaefer macaé offshore vacancies

The opportunity is intended for the Campos Basin for maintenance activities with the company based in Macaé, know the details

Located in Macaé, the Kaefer group's RIP hires a professional to supervise teams of climbers who work in the maintenance of some offshore units in the Campos Basin. The requirements are very specific, so you already know: Nothing requires resumes outside the requested specifications. It is worth remembering that Halliburton has openings for technical internships in many functions, it is worth checking out by clicking here later and helping some young people in their first job.

Escalator Maintenance Supervisor

  • Technician in Electrical Engineering or Technician in Mechanics
  • Salvage Course
  • Irata Level 3
  • NR-33 course 40 hours
  • NR-10 course 40 hours
  • Explosive Atmosphere Course 16 hours

Minimum experience of 3 years in the area of ​​Mechanics or Electrical proven in the Work Card and candidates must be absolutely available to answer the company's calls in its branch in the city of Macaé.

If you are interested and within the functions, please send your resumes to the e-mail, indicating in the title of the message the name of the vacancy to which you are applying and indicating if you have the qualifications required in the article. Another piece of news that may affect Macaé recently released, is the construction of a new Heliport in Porto do Açú, which will eventually be able to transfer many of the flights that are chartered in the city to the municipality of São João da Barra, find out more details here.

Macaé threatened? Construction of Heliport approved at Porto do Açú

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