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Scaffolding Fitters, Boilers and Welders Hiring Strongly

26 April 2018 16 gies: 24
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offshore scaffolding boilermaker welder company macaé

Another offshore company in the city of Macaé selection process with emphasis on offshore scaffolding assembly and other maintenance areas, in addition to administrative

If you are a professional in the field of scaffolding, boilermaking and welding, especially those who have experience in the field of offshore oil and gas, fasten your seat belts because before April closes, the chorus will start to heat up. After Imetame announced yesterday and Click Petróleo e Gás confirmed a major offshore selection process at the firm based in Macaé (READ THE ARTICLE BY CLICKING HERE), another contractor also launched one today (15 pm on 26/04) in the functions described in the post and other administrative ones. Check out all of them and their respective attributions:

Open jobs

It is worth noting that all vacancies on this list are extended to Persons with Special Needs. In advance, it is worth informing that for offshore functions, Salvage and HEUT courses will be required. The NR's courses, despite not being discriminated against in the vacancies, can be of an eliminatory nature, some of the most essential are the NR-10, NR-33 and NR-35. For the climber courses functions can be either Irata or Abendi.

  • Administrative Assistant - Procurement Area
  • ENE Administrative Assistant
  • Administrative Assistant Offshore Production Area
  • Administrative Assistant Planning Area
  • Boiler Offshore Climbers
  • Offshore Scaffolding Builders
  • Tiger ER Welders Scalers

Interested and within the function, please send an email to, informing the name of the function in the field of “Subject of the message”, e-mails without identification will be discarded. If you want to attach your certificates and courses so that the company's Human Resources can take a closer look at your qualifications, do it using GoogleDrive or OneDrive, just make a free account on them and upload, then generate a DIRECT LINK TO THEM. This prevents Alphatec's e-mail from being overloaded and your message returning with an error, on youtube you can easily find tutorials for this.

Do you want to become a maritime or offshore professional?

We have prepared two special articles for those who want to enter one of the most desired sectors in Brazil in the oil sector: The offshore and maritime branch. In them we explain all the steps to graduate, such as the best courses and educational institutions. It's worth checking out and being able to be of great help to those who want to start this career or to those looking for replacement in the market. 1 – SUBJECT ON HOW TO BECOME AN OFFSHORE PROFESSIONAL 2 – HOW TO BECOME A MARITIME PROFESSIONAL.

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