Home Petrobras and Shell sign collaboration or delivery agreement?

Petrobras and Shell sign collaboration or delivery agreement?

11 from 2017 from September to 16: 41
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Collaboration between Shell and Petrobras

There are institutions that welcome this agreement and others do not, the fact that the technology that only Petrobras now has will be delivered to the private sector.

[supsystic-social-sharing id='1′]Petrobras and Shell have just signed a mutual collaboration agreement with the purpose of sharing technology, technical and operational data. According to the companies, this agreement is only valid in the same assets in which the 2 carry out the same activities.

The paperwork was signed in Holland by its presidents Pedro Parente and Ben Van (Petrobras and Shell respectively). According to them, this agreement aims to reduce costs in offshore activities, logistical transport and aviation.

In this signed agreement, the creation of a committee with representatives of the 2 companies is foreseen, with the aim of supervising and improving operational processes. The companies share 50% of the consortium operations as exploration partners in 10 assets.

unions protest

For practical purposes, Petrobras is giving access to technological secrets that only Petrobras holds to explore the pre-salt layer. This technology was developed on the island of Fundão, at UFRJ.

In the view of the militants, the companies are already partners in several consortia and there would be no need for this agreement, this would be one more maneuver to hand over the state to the private sector. In their thinking, if other companies had access to the same technology as Petrobras, there would no longer be a need for it to have a stake in assets that require this type of technological apparatus.  Source: Petrobras Brazil 247

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