Home Petrobras resumes production at Replan after ANP clearance

Petrobras resumes production at Replan after ANP clearance

30 from 2018 to 00 at 36: XNUMX
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Petrobras resumes production at Replan after ANP clearance

After inspection by the National Petroleum Agency, the Replan refinery normalizes activities in the areas affected by the explosion

The National Petroleum Agency (ANP) after inspecting the areas affected by the explosion and verifying that there are safety conditions for the resumption of activities, cleared the Replan facilities that were affected by the fire on August 20 in Paulínia (SP). According to information from Petrobras, the refinery's production will reach 50% in one week: two days for distillation, three days for the catalytic cracking and hydrotreatment units and one week for the other unaffected units. The refinery, which is the company's largest, generates very high losses and directly affects the State's business.

The cause of the explosion

The incident started in the cracking and distillation boiler. The fire started after the explosion of the acid water tank, which is in the cracking area. The unit had just undergone preventive maintenance, which serves to detect anomalies and breakdowns, procedures that are carried out to avoid tragedies like the one that occurred at Replan. Firefighters and Civil Defense teams and brigades formed by companies close to the refinery controlled the fire, preventing further damage.

Replan's Operational Capacity

replan cannot stop its activities or stand still, “It is our largest refinery in oil processing capacity: 69 thousand m³/day, equivalent to 434 thousand barrels. Its production corresponds to approximately 20% of all oil refining in Brazil, processing almost all of its national oil, much of it coming from the Santos Basin (pre-salt)”. The refinery is gradually returning to activities and according to Petrobras, it will return to normal activities in a short time.

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