Home Seadrill publishes official email for the offshore selection process in Rio de Janeiro

Seadrill publishes official email for the offshore selection process in Rio de Janeiro

30 October 2017 to 20: 22
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Seadrill publishes official email for the offshore selection process in Rio de Janeiro

Due to the difficulty for many professionals to register on the site, Seadrill disclosed the direct and official offshore contact. IT'S NOW OR NEVER!

[supsystic-social-sharing id='1′]Seadrill, an oil and gas company, which operates mainly in the offshore branch in drilling activities, decided to make it a little easier and ended up disclosing the official and direct email contact of the company's Human Resources. It turns out that despite the selection process being for Brazilians, many were having difficulty registering because the application site is in English. Click Petróleo e Gas has been constantly emphasizing the importance of English to work in the oil industry. If you are not convinced of the importance of this American language in your professional life, click here and access the video of an expert in the sector explaining this. You can also do the 24 Hour Course English course, it is an excellent course, functional and cheap, we highly recommend it!
Enjoy and watch the video below on how to apply CORRECTLY on the SEADRILL WEBSITE, we advise you to do that too so that you increase your chances of being contacted.


Open jobs

Storekeeper, Crane Assistant, Crane Operator, Driller Assistant, Derrick Assistant, Driller, Area Men, Cabotage Master, Platform workers, Deck Supervisor, Occupational Safety Technicians, Hydraulic Technician, Cabotage Master, Machinery Sailor, Officer Machinery, Rig Chief, Subsea Supervisor, Toolpusher, Welders and Electricians. Remembering that all these vacancies also cover people with disabilities. The working regime is offshore even on a 14×14 scale.

Seadrill Direct Contact Email

 Interested applicants should send an updated CV to . The contacts we make available on the site are the result of searches on recruitment sites and companies' own disclosure, so our content is first-hand! So if you see another site disclosing some material of this nature, they probably copied it from our portal. So follow and share our posts and be part of our family.

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