Home Welders, Boilers and Mechanics are urgently needed!

Welders, Boilers and Mechanics are urgently needed!

19 July 2017 to 23: 28
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Welders, Boilers and Mechanics are urgently needed!

Oil platforms urgently need Welders, Boilers and Mechanics on an oil tanker in the Campos Basin

Oilfield in Campos Basin there is an urgent need for professionals to carry out maintenance activities on several fronts of offshore work. All candidates must have CBSP, HUET and experience in the function, the other qualifications and particularities of the functions, you will find in the specifications of each one below:

Mechanics with technical training

This professional must present an original diploma from a technical course at an institution recognized by the MEC. In addition, it is essential that the CREA is in force and paid. Candidates for the vacancy must have experience in the portfolio and/or practice with valves and lathes in equipment in the oil and gas sector, both onshore and offshore. To ensure that the candidate actually has the attribution required by the company, it will be necessary to attach a statement from the previous company to the e-mail proving this qualification, otherwise the curriculum will be discarded.

Climbing Boilers

It is mandatory to be qualified with a climbing course, regardless of whether the certificate is IRATA Brasil or ABENDI. Candidates must also present knowledge of the area in their work portfolio, candidates who will be preferred are those who have experience in maintaining tanks.

offshore welders

All candidates must have completed high school and proven experience in the TIG/ER welding process in their role in the industrial chain. Remembering that if your resume is accepted in the first stage of the selection process, a functional test will be carried out to verify if the candidate for the opportunity really knows how to weld, so be careful when sending your resume.

If you fit the vacancies mentioned above, send your resume urgently to

*Remembering that vacancies are for residents of Macaé-RJ and must specify the name of the vacancy in the title of the message.

Company note: There is no point in going to the company's door, the selection process will only take place by email. This is to avoid crowding and discomfort by workers who want to apply for opportunities they unfortunately don't fit. If you are approved, keep an eye on your email and phone contacts. Good luck to everyone.

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