Home The P-32 had an accident yesterday: What is happening on our platforms anyway?

The P-32 had an accident yesterday: What is happening on our platforms anyway?

13 June 2017 to 09: 43
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The P-32 suffered an accident yesterday What is happening on our platforms anyway

Sindpetro says that these accidents are a plan by Petrobras to scrap platforms and privatize them at the cost of the lives of offshore employees

This is not repeated news, more accidents occurred today on offshore platforms, when we barely recovered from the operational accident of the NS-32 unit, which 3 employees died in an explosion when they were doing boiler maintenance.Fortunately this time there were no injuries.

The accident occurred with a “sailor” style ladder that fell from a height of about 15 meters from the tower, affectionately nicknamed “Giant”. This same ladder fell on top of a valve breaking it completely.

By mere coincidence, a collaborator who was in the operation at that moment noticed the irregular movement of the structure and ordered everyone to leave that space at the time. Around 10 later, the ladder fell on top of the pressurized systems. The weight of part of this structure that collapsed is 300 kg, which could have caused new deaths.

The unit's SMS informed Sindpetro that the episode began due to intense gusts of wind and that a part of the platform would already be interdicted in the entire area that encompasses the giant. In a note, Petrobras informed that it is waiting for favorable weather conditions to carry out new inspections at the safe node site.

Although tragic, this accident was already foreseen. Platform collaborators had already made a complaint to Sindpetro before informing that the platform is scrapped and offers many risks to workers. Emphasizing the most serious of them, the freight elevator and the main one were showing failures. The union said other similar issues were taking place on other platforms.

Sindpetro's management said that this is a Machiavellian plan by Petrobras with its policy of scrapping the platforms, so that it can be privatized at once. The problem is that it is doing this at the expense of its employees' lives.

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