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PPSA will hire shuttle tankers to serve the pre-salt

10 from 2018 to 10 at 32: XNUMX
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union shuttle ship

They will be dynamic positioning vessels to carry out offloading operations in the Santos Basin pre-salt for the Union

A survey has just been launched by Pré-sal SA (PPSA) for contracting ships to unload oil from the pre-salt production platforms, a portion of which belongs to the Union of deposits in the Santos Basin. The current president of the state-owned company, Iben Flores Lima, reported in an interview that the company's objective within a maximum period of 365 ether is a project for the export logistics of our oil, including the definition of which company will be responsible for this transport. Watch the interview below for more details:


Forms of hiring

At this first moment, PPSA is researching 3 different ways in which this logistics can be applied, in this case the Union's share:

  1. Transhipment and navigation to the coast
  2. The transshipment and navigation to the coast, plus the transfer of the oil to a long-haul vessel (which may have to be done at a terminal or even at sea)
  3. Transhipment and navigation to the coast, storage of oil in a terminal and subsequent transfer to a long-haul vessel

*Excerpt taken from the E&P Brasil website

PPSA reports that it also wants to reach the world oil export market, in this way it will be able to increase revenues, maximizing market share and extinguishing the need to sell only to partners who are within productivity projects.

In 21 days (31), the state-owned company will hold a second auction on B3 to sell Union oil in its share in the Santos Basin. In the first auction, only Shell had participated, even so it didn't go ahead because it didn't want to present a proposal.

In this second auction, the difference will be the increase in terms for purchases and the maximization of oil futures to 14,4 million, giving more guarantees and flexibility to interested parties.

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