Home Petrobras rig operated by Transocean arrives in Brazil in October

Petrobras rig operated by Transocean arrives in Brazil in October

10 from 2018 to 05 at 28: XNUMX
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Petrobras 10000 rig

Drillship 10.000 will operate in Northeast waters in order to verify the new discovery of the state-owned company

The Petrobras drilling unit called drillship 10.000 belonging to Petrobras and under the operational responsibility of Transocean, will soon leave the Gulf of Mexico, in the American sector, heading for Brazil. The rig has been operating in the region for around 365 days in the Cascade-Chinook project and will be destined for our country in less than 1 month for drilling in the seabed in the northeast region.

Petrobras has not yet given 100% certainty, but the unit should be destined for the Farfan project, according to the specialists' expectations. The project foresees long-term tests with the Floating Transfer and Storage Unit (FSPO) in the City of São Vicente starting in August. This first intervention is due to the discovery of oil in the SEAL-M-426 sector, in which Petrobras operates, including in 8 more sectors in this site of assets in deep waters (from 300 to 1500 meters to the bottom of the ocean).

This area in Sergipe has been very coveted by the market and naturally by Petrobras itself, there is a great expectation for the confirmation of oil in this place for the extension of the border. Some deposits have already been discovered and guaranteed by the state-owned company, they are: Cumbé, Poçp Verde, Moita Bonita, Muriú and Barra. According to Petrobras, this Petrobras rig will be in operation in the Northeast until September next year.

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