Home It's time! Registration for the ESA 2024 test is open, see how to do it step by step

It's time! Registration for the ESA 2024 test is open, see how to do it step by step

2 April 2024 19 gies: 40
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It's time! Registration for the ESA 2024 test is open, see how to do it step by step
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Complete guide to enrolling in the ESA 2024 test: covering everything from accessing the application form on the government website to paying the fee, this detailed step-by-step guide offers clear instructions for candidates for the School of Sergeants at Arms, ensuring effective preparation and hassle-free for the contest.

The Escola de Sergeants das Armas (ESA) has opened registration for the 2024 competition, offering a unique opportunity for aspirants military. With the test scheduled for September 15th and registration until May 4th, it is crucial to be well prepared, and here you will find the definitive guide to successfully registering.

First, access the official government portal or click on the link provided at the end of this news. On Google, search for “ESA registrations” and select the GOV website. Remember, registering for the ESA competition is a simple process, as long as you follow the steps correctly.

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What do you need to register for the ESA test?

To get started, you need to register in the system. If you don't have one, you will be asked to create one, entering basic information such as CPF and password. After logging in, you will be directed to the ESA competition registration form.

Registration is open from March 31st to May 4th. Don't miss the deadline and make sure to review the candidate manual available for download, which is essential to understand all the steps and requirements of the competition.

Necessary Documents

When filling out the online form, information such as name, CPF, date of birth, identity, and contact details will be requested. It is essential to check each data carefully, as, after submission, some information cannot be changed.

Choose the location where you want to take the test and indicate your education, remembering that ESA has vacancies in the general, music and health areas, each with specific requirements, such as age and skills.

What the value?

Upon completion of registration, an invoice will be generated to pay the registration fee, in the amount of R$ 95. Payment of this amount is essential to confirm your registration, and can be done via Pix, credit card, or bank slip .

Where to register for the ESA competition

Registration for the ESA competition must be made through the government portal, on the website. During the registration process, look for the specific section for the Escola de Sergeants das Armas (ESA) competition and follow the instructions to fill out the registration form. IN THIS LINK.

This guide not only simplifies the ESA exam registration process but also encourages candidates to prepare in advance. Your journey towards ESA starts here, and every step is crucial to achieving success in the competition.

What is ESA? What is the salary?

ESA (School of Weapon Sergeants) is an educational institution of the Brazilian Army responsible for training combat sergeants for infantry, cavalry, artillery, engineering and communications weapons.

The salary of a sergeant in the Brazilian Army, after training at ESA, varies depending on the degree and service time, but generally starts at around R$3.500,00 to R$4.000,00. This amount may increase with additional payments for length of service, additional qualifications and other bonuses provided for in the military career.

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