Home Company with Offshore Vacancies for 6 Scaffolding Builders in Macaé

Company with Offshore Vacancies for 6 Scaffolding Builders in Macaé

26 July 2018 to 06: 43
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Offshore Jobs for Scaffolders

Company in the O&G sector in Macaé with Offshore Vacancies for 6 Scaffolding Assemblers with platform experience

More Offshore openings for professionals in the oil platform maintenance sector in the Campos Basin. Company in the O&G sector with 6 vacancies open for professional scaffolding assemblers with experience. To participate in the recruitment and selection process, candidates must present all diplomas and certificates from the courses and prove experience in platforms in their portfolio. The company BrasMar Service is very strict with its hiring processes, so only present courses within the expiration dates and the updated curriculum. Follow the requirements for vacancies.


trainings of:

  • T-HUET
  • HUET
  • CBSP
  • NR33
  • NR 34
  • NR 35

The tasks that scaffolding professionals will perform when they are hired will be as follows:

Assembly of the temporary structure used to support a work crew and materials to assist in the maintenance and repair of the platforms. I help with painting, welding and maintenance operations in hard-to-reach areas. Arrangement and organization of structures and equipment on board that will be used by scaffolding builders. Act directly in the area of ​​health, safety and the environment.

Interested in working as Scaffolding Assemblers, please send your well-formatted CVs to, putting the title “SCAFFOLDING ASSEMBLER” in the subject of the message. The company informs that mobilizations will be immediate and vacancies will be preferably for residents of the city mentioned above or regions, but for candidates from other states who hold these qualifications, they will also be able to apply!

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