Home Comperj companies want to bring in labor from abroad: Watch the union video

Comperj companies want to bring in labor from abroad: Watch the union video

13 April 2018 10 gies: 49
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Comperj companies want to bring in labor from abroad Watch the union video

In addition, the representative of Sintramon denounces schemes for the sale of vacancies for the works of Comperj and promises demonstrations that the jobs are not for the residents of the region

O comperj e the works of the UPGN are once again the subject of controversy a few months after the resumption of the undertaking. Rogério Assunção, representative of the sintramon at the physical base in Itaboraí, he lets loose in public and talks about situations that are happening that are, to say the least, alarming in terms of hiring. Unfortunately, it is not sensationalism and may be the reason why there is so much delay in starting work, at least in the civil part of the construction site at this first moment. Understand next.

After messages passed through Whatsapp, many people, most of them from Itaboraí, arrived at the union door at dawn this week thinking that the “recording” would actually start, once again, it was speculation. In the beginning of the morning there was already a huge crowd of people on the street, Rogério was forced to leave the union to report what happened and give a back up of the reality of what is happening passionately.

Vacancies at Comperj

Sintramon managed through a collective agreement that hiring and receiving CVs happen through them, in fact there is already a conversation between the president, companies and city parliamentarians about the best way to manage these hirings. He also points out that the worst part, which was the signing of the contract between Petrobras and the Chinese company Keuri, has already been signed and that now they are facing another dilemma: The company(s) that will work at Comperj are nearing completion in other cities/states and want to bring their workers to Itaboraí, this would avoid operating costs, social charges and expenses with recruitment and selection. Sintramon put pressure on and, through a collective agreement, apparently informs that they will be the ones to receive the CVs, even so, Rogério says that they are not satisfied and should appeal to reverse this situation.

A Shidoung Keuri it is associated with the Potential Method, which was the former CPE that worked on Comperj's first works, which would already be an eliminatory factor, since the “CPE” already has an operational contingent ready and would place “their” workers for the works. There are even complaints that the company rented a house to accommodate people, that this house belongs to “a friend of the mayor”, coincidence, right? Watch the full video right below:

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