Home Offshore hospitality in Macaé with several opportunities

Offshore hospitality in Macaé with several opportunities

25 July 2018 to 16: 39
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Macae offshore hotel vacancies

 Offshore hospitality in Macaé with several opportunities for professionals with experience on platforms and ships

With the increase in offshore hotel activities on oil platforms, companies have increasingly sought professionals with specific careers within this area, which automatically has created many opportunities. Contracts are being signed and demand is growing. For offshore hospitality professionals who wish to send their resumes, below are the vacancies and email address to register with the company De Nadai.

Nadai Opportunities

4 vacancies – Commissioner nutritionist

  • Complete superior in nutrition
  • CRN 4 active; Experience in function
  • Valid CBSP, Huet and CPSO courses

4 vacancies – Baker Complete Elementary School

  • Experience in function
  • Professional course in the area (taken at an institution recognized by the MEC)
  • Valid CBSP and HUET courses

4 vacancies – Kitchen help Complete elementary school

    • Experience in function
    • Professional training course in function (taken at an institution recognized by the MEC)
    • CBSP and HUET courses

Candidates within the above profile should send their resume and course certificates to Remember to mention the job title in the subject of the email. All courses and training (professional, CBSP and HUET) must have their expiration dates up to date. 

More opportunities in sight

The oil and gas market in Rio de Janeiro is closer than ever to recovery, it was reported on our portal last week, the creation of around 381 jobs in this segment. It turns out that in July, the ANP will approve a definitive normative resolution to enable the revitalization of mature fields in the Campos Basin, check out in more detail what this resolution is about that will benefit the cariocas here.


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