Home Petrobras distributor opens public notice for Startups program

Petrobras distributor opens public notice for Startups program

25 July 2018 to 02: 37
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Petrobras distributor opens public notice for Startups program
Petrobras fuel distributors. Gasoline, tanker truck, truck drivers, paralysis. Photo: Sérgio Lima/Poder 360

Petrobras distributor opens notice for Startups program with guaranteed investments for the winning idea

Petrobras seeks startups that are initiating and developing unprecedented business solutions so that they can be sponsored by Petrobras Distribuidora (BR) and by the SENAI Institutes of Innovation. Micro or Small Companies (MSE) that have an active CNPJ with up to five years of existence can enroll in the innovation for industry program. Petrobras Distribuidora hopes that at the end of the project carried out by the Startups, the functional solution of what was idealized and proposed will be presented.

Meet the Call

“The call, entitled Petrobras Distribuidora Startups Challenge, aims to find companies that have technical competence in digital technologies, preferably Internet of Things (IoT), Augmented and Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Analytics and Bl. Up to 10 startups will be selected (as defined in the regulation of the Notice of Innovation for Industry). Projects must have a maximum duration of 12 months and maximum budget of BRL 150.000,00 (one hundred and fifty thousand reais). Petrobras Distribuidora selected three topics for companies to propose ideas/projects to be evaluated. The singularity of the idea and consequently of the project is fundamental for the selection of Startup”. The three selected themes are:

  • Mobility for People
  • Business Mobility
  • Sustainability

The 20 selected Startups will have up to 30 days to prepare a (simplified) Project Plan, a Project Model Canvas (PM Canvas), which will be available on the platform, and also prepare for the Selection Stage 02 pitch. , where more information about the proposed challenges will be made available, in addition to guidance on how to complete the Project Plan. The event will last 04 hours and will take place in Rio de Janeiro, with a date to be announced, with optional participation and not interfering in the evaluations of the project plan.

registration step

Period for registration of ideas by Startups runs until 19/08/18, at this stage startups interested in participating in the program must register through Innovation Public Notice Platform for Industry, sending an “Elevator Pitch” video of up to 3 minutes (about your experiences, about your team, about your idea and about your project), a Value Proposition Canvas and the application form.

To access the full notice, click HERE.

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