Home Do you want to receive up to R$1.900 to study? IEL opens more than 700 internship vacancies in several states for secondary, technical and higher education in various areas!

Do you want to receive up to R$1.900 to study? IEL opens more than 700 internship vacancies in several states for secondary, technical and higher education in various areas!

10 June 2024 to 17: 07
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“paid internship”, “IEL”, “Instituto Euvaldo Lodi”, “internship”
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Mid-level, technical and higher education internship opportunities open in several states in Brazil and in different areas!

According to horabrasil, the Euvaldo Lodi Institute (IEL) has excellent news for students from all over Brazil: more than 700 vacancies paid internship programs were opened in several states. Opportunities range from High school to technical and higher education courses, with scholarships ranging from R$ 400 to R$ 1,9 thousand. This is the perfect time for anyone looking to enter the job market and gain professional experience.

Available vacancies and areas of activity

As vacancies internships are distributed among the states of Bahia, Ceará, Maranhão, Pernambuco, Rio Grande do Norte, Rio Grande do Sul and Tocantins. But each state offers opportunities in different areas of knowledge, serving both high school students and university and technical students.

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“paid internship”, “IEL”, “Instituto Euvaldo Lodi”, “internship”
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Bahia: diversity and quantity

Thus, in Bahia, there are 552 vacancies available for courses such as Psychology, Administration, Literature, Pedagogy, Biomedicine and Civil Engineering. Therefore, the opportunities are spread across several cities, including Salvador, Feira de Santana, Ilhéus, Vitória da Conquista, and many others. Scholarships vary between R$ 400 and R$ 1,7 thousand, offering a good opportunity for Bahian students.

Ceará: wide possibilities

In Ceará, IEL offers 32 vacancies in areas such as Marketing, Administration, Law and Advertising. The cities covered include Fortaleza, Sobral, Juazeiro, Maracanaú, and others. Scholarships range from R $ 550 to R $ 1.980, providing a significant incentive for interns.

Maranhão: expanding opportunities

In Maranhão, there are 7 vacancies for areas such as Administration, Systems Analysis and Development, Software Engineering, Pedagogy and Human Resources Management. The opportunities are in the cities of São Luís, Paço do Lumiar, São José de Ribamar and Bacabal, with scholarships ranging from R$600 to R$1.151,40.

Other regions: diversity of areas

In addition to the states mentioned, the Rio Grande do Norte, Rio Grande do Sul and Tocantins also offer diverse opportunities. In Rio Grande do Norte, there are 27 vacancies with scholarships of up to R $ 1,2 thousand. In Rio Grande do Sul, 25 places are available, with scholarships of up to R $ 1,5 thousand. And in Tocantins, there are 102 vacancies with scholarships of up to R $ 1,3 thousand. These vacancies cover areas such as Psychology, Advertising, Commerce Body exterior:, Administration and much more.

“paid internship”, “IEL”, “Instituto Euvaldo Lodi”, “internship”
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Benefits and experience

In addition to scholarships, IEL's paid internship positions include benefits such as meal ticket e transportation assistance, which makes the opportunity even more attractive. However, the IEL Internship Program aims to insert students into the job market, facilitating interaction between private companies, independent professionals, public bodies and educational institutions. This experience helps to anticipate the challenges of the world of work and contributes to the technical and behavioral maturity of young people.

How to apply for internship vacancies

To apply, students must access the IEL website and select vacancies of interest according to location and course. Registration is simple and quick, allowing candidates to send their CVs and follow the selection process.

For more details and to register, visit the IEL website CLICKING HERE

So don't miss this opportunity to start your career on the right foot. Paid internship vacancies at IEL They are an excellent gateway to the job market, providing learning, experience and professional growth.

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