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Offshore Human Resources and Shipping receiving resumes

19 May 2018 to 07: 28
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offshore oil human resources

All required functions are for the database of a new Brazilian Human Resources project in the oil and gas industry

The company Human Resources, ABZ Serviços, has just announced that it is receiving resumes in many functions in the oil and gas sector for a new project. At this stage, the purpose is for the company's database and opportunities at different levels of training, experience and education were disclosed. We will send your resumes to increase your chances of being invited to the selection processes published by Click Petróleo e Gás, see the video below on how to proceed and then check the quantity monstrous job openings today Right below.

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Open positions at ABZ Serviços


Offshore Plumber
Offshore sander
Tig/6G Welder
Electrician F/C Abraman
Fitter Electrician
Offshore Instrumentalist –
Boiler Operator
bodywork welder
Offshore Assembler
Mechanical assembler
Offshore Welding Inspector

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paint inspector
Offshore Scaffolding Fitter
Fitter Electrician
Offshore instrumentalist
Offshore Instrumentation Inspector
technician From Mon. Offshore work
Onshore/Offshore eyeliner
Offshore Supervisor
Climber Inspector
Water jetist
technician Of planning

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technician Offshore Materials
Logistics Technician
Offshore Delineator Assistant
Onshore Eyeliner Assistant
Welding Inspector N1
electrical/instrumentation inspector
Scaffolding Assemblers
Water blasting machine operators
onshore painter
onshore jet
project engineer

As you saw in the video at the beginning of this article, we will first register your resumes in our database to send them in a single file to the company. At the end of filling out the form, we will leave the email and the official source of the company for consultation. Remember to follow the instructions and do exactly what is asked, this will maximize your chances of being invited to the selection process. Follow the form below: or if you prefer, send an email to

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