Home Resumption of the oil and gas sector – Connectivity Event in Macaé

Resumption of the oil and gas sector – Connectivity Event in Macaé

7 June 2018 to 06: 28
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macaé oil and gas

Organized by CEPEM, the purpose of the event was to show the new perspectives of the oil and gas market from the perspective of large companies

The Brazilian oil and gas market is starting to show clear signs of recovery, but despite being far from ideal, there is intense movement and articulation in the sector of companies and players specialized in E&P. The Conectividade event that took place in Macaé, at the Royal Atlântica Hotel, organized by CEPEM (Centro de Psicologia Empresarial) which brought together several representatives of some large companies operating in this market, whose objective was to discuss guidelines and needs for readaptation to the new reality, especially , in oil-producing municipalities.

The Event brought together representatives of Aker Solutions, MODEC, Porto do Açú, Helix and Tauil & Checker as speakers, the invited audience was also composed of many other businessmen who work directly and indirectly in the field, with an eye on new trends and projections.

Speaking of projections, it is clear that Aker Solutions is coming strong and competitive! Woodson, a company representative and the first speaker after the panel's introduction, made this clear. It acquired many pre-salt projects, in addition to Petrobras, now it has a contract with Statoil and new projects for the city of Macaé (ACCESS THE ARTICLE HERE).

Alexandre Calmon, Partner Energy Practice, presented new graphs and studies on oil production curves over the next 4 years, showing that Brazil will be the largest offshore market, at least in this period if we take into account the number of operating units and number of people working in this industry.

Already in the cycle of decommissioning that apply to unserviceable vessels or platforms at the end of the cycle, according to Mauro, it is another market that will have mobilizations until 2024, according to current projections in Brazil. In addition, there will be auctions of units that are idle to make way for new, more modern fronts.

Some HR representatives made it clear on the panel, at least those who were present, that they do not recruit via Facebook or Whatsapp, but use the platform as a complement, so policing is necessary about what you write or follow on your social networks. Even so, there are professionals who find it unethical to use this platform for recruitment purposes. Even in the HR area, there is a lot of technology and studies to optimize these activities. Linkedin will be widely used in the coming years, register on this platform as well.

Just below, we will leave some of the live videos of the event in full transmitted by the CEPEM team

Link 1 – Opening of the event

Link 2 – 'Market projections and perspectives

Link 3 – Human Resources, ethics and technology

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