Home SBM Offshore in the sights of justice on charges of fraud at Petrobras

SBM Offshore in the sights of justice on charges of fraud at Petrobras

29 June 2018 to 04: 40
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sbm offshore petrobras fraud mpf

The Federal Public Ministry requested the inclusion of SBM Offshore in investigations that caused millionaire losses to the state-owned company

the dutch offshore SBM entered the MPF list to be investigated regarding administrative impropriety and fraud in contracting services from offshore units in Brazil, naturally requested by Petrobras at the time. The official statement was made by the press office of the Federal Public Ministry, yesterday (28).

According to the lawsuit filed, the gaps exceed US$ 300 million to Petrobras, which also points to more culprits, including SBM Holding and SBM Offshore do Brasil. According to the MPF judgment, not only the company in the Netherlands will be involved in these investigations, but also its Brazilian poles, since all the company's central negotiations pass through here:

“Whatever the nomenclature or legal form adopted, SBM Offshore do Brasil Ltda plays the role of a branch, agency or branch of the SBM Group in Brazil”, exclaimed Daniella Sueira, Renato Oliveira, Rodrigo Lines and Tatiana Flores, current Federal Attorneys .

In the report of this action, filed in the first two months of 2018, the breach in the state's coffers reached the mark of US$ 303,3 million, these operations comprise the period between 2009 and 2013. of bribes or a fund for deposits” to Petrobras employees, closely linked to the company's former sales agent in Brazil, Julio Faerman.

According to investigations, the sums deposited in this fund add up to US$ 274,4 so far. In order to make these payments possible, Julio Faerman's company consulted on SMB sales in exchange for commissions that reached 10%, varying with the particularity of each successful contract.

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