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Wood Group Macaé is hiring in many roles

18 July 2018 to 16: 28
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Macaé wood group offshore vacancies

The company's Human Resources ended up disclosing the selection process for a new project in Macaé, see the positions available

A city ​​of macaé finally began to gear up in its projects in the oil and gas production chain, with several companies hiring since last month at an accelerated pace and Petrobras releasing contracts and tenders so that service providers of this modality would be able to resume hiring. Let's take the example of CSE, which now belongs to the Aker Solutions, which has also been calling and employing some professionals (check out some opportunities in it later).

Jobs at Wood

In today's case, the ball of the moment is with Wood Group, which also just launched a large selection process in several functions and, by all indications, they must be onshore (down to earth). We will list the positions below for conference purposes, but it is worth mentioning that the issue of experience was not mentioned:

⇒Manufacturing and Assembly Supervisor
⇒ Instrumentalist with Irata
⇒ Instrumentalist without Irata
⇒ Boiler with Irata
⇒ Boiler without Irata
⇒ Roller and Brush Painter
⇒ welder
⇒Maintenance Electrician

The company informs that only the profiles mentioned above will be analyzed and the deadline for sending them will be July 31, 2018. Interested and within the function, should send their resumes to the email, informing in the job title the desired position, years of experience and current city of residence. Bearing in mind that Wood operates strongly in engineering services and the elaboration of technical projects in the industrial and offshore segments.

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