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ABZ Serviços again requests qualified professionals

5 June 2018 to 08: 13
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ABZ Offshore Services Line

We don't know what's going on, but ABZ Serviços had already requested some professionals on May 31st for a line launch project and which was widely publicized by our portal. But yesterday (04), the company requested the same professionals again, everything indicates that it is having a little difficulty finding them. So let's post what they are and their specifications again, so read carefully and if you know someone who fits, share this article:

Positions and Requirements

ABZ Serviços receives CVs for a possible line launch project. All applicants must have experience in this area! In this first step, we are just registering for the database.

• Pipe welding machine operator with knowledge of Vermaat, Serimax Saturn and CRC Evans P625 systems.
• Electronics or mechanics technician with experience in tube welding, cutting and beveling machines
• Edger operator
• Welding helper

If you are interested, please send your CV to mentioning the function in the title. Below you will be able to see the official publication with more property.

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